Yep, NO really does get to be a full sentence.

If somethings not feeling good, regardless of whether you’ve said yes or not, YOU get to change your mind, speak your truth and move on.

Is it scary when you first start doing that? Yep!

Do you worry what others will say, what they’ll think and how they’ll feel? Yep!

Does it get easier? Mostly 😜

It’s not about the other person though.

The thing is, not speaking our truth leads to feelings of unease and dis-ease in the body.

You know what I’m talking about right!

That uneasy feeling in your gut.
The uncomfortable feeling in your body.
The butterflies in your tummy.
The inability to focus on anything else.
That inner knowing.

That internal battle only does YOUR body damage.

You see, those emotions and feelings store in our body if they aren’t released AND they have the ability to create all sorts of physical problems and ailments.

Anxiety, depression, fear, sadness, sickness, and so on...

An uncomfortable conversation will pass, as will a tense moment.

But you get to be with you ALL the time.

And YOU get to choose how you want to feel, what you let effect you and whether something is a yes or a no for you.

Speaking our truth may not always be easy, yet it sure is a lot more honourable to our own human-ness.

Give it a go... you might just like it 😜

Big love always 
Allie xx



Some days I pinch myself!!!!

What an unusual saying 😂

Two days ago I had an opportunity come up to go on a 14 day retreat to Peru mid Nov.

The synchronicities of how this came about reminded me of just how much we truly are guided in our lives.

Our job... to listen 💚

Although it’s taken me up until a few years ago to really start listening to my soul nudges, I love that it’s second nature now.

And geez have we been on some incredible adventures my soul and I.

So this morning I said YES!

Yes to being in the jungle.
Yes to the experience being offered.
Yes to more soul expansion.
Yes to a deeper connection with myself and with Mother Nature.

From there I’m home for a night and then off on an 8 Day Ancient Awakening Retreat in Vanuatu - think more deep-dive 
self-expansion and conscious connection.

I’m home for a few days and then off to Sydney for some epic business celebrations.

I also woke to a beautiful message letting me know I’ve been invited to give a speech to an incredible group of people.


The finishing touches are currently being added to my upcoming signature program for women who want to be guided to dive deeper into their own self-worth, self-love and self-expansion.

Sitting at my fav cafe, in this moment I feel grateful to have made a decision to LIVE my life rather than let life just happen.

It just takes one step.

Each and every single day.

Saying ‘I deserve more’.

Listening to where your heart and soul are guiding you.

UNTIL it becomes your new normal.

And you decide that living this way is so much more fulfilling.

Take that leap...
You deserve it beautiful human!

Big love always
Allie 💚



For the past few days I’ve been feeling a little meh.

Neutral really.

A little sad and a bit lost too.

Not much excitement or happiness going on like usual.

In the past I’d make myself wrong for feeling this way, I’d think there was something wrong with me, ‘try’ to fix myself and beat myself up for not being my usual self.

Not these days.

I now understand the ebb and flow of life a whole lot more.

And myself for that matter.

This morning (after 3 days of it) I decided that it was time to do something different.

A couple of weeks ago I fell in love with a particular bike. I ummed and ahh’d until I thought feck it and I bought it.

And this morning I was so grateful I did.

I spent a couple of hours first thing writing out my morning pages, watching replays of X-Factor on YouTube for an internal state change, and doing my Transcendental Meditation (remind me to share about that another day).

During my meditation I received an awareness that brought me to tears.

I was letting go of a part of me that I had rejected. I was grieving her. Saddened. And the previous 3 days began to make sense.

What came to me was HAVE MORE FUN TODAY 🎉🎉🎉

Instead of going to the gym I decided to take my bike to my fav beach and cafe for her first ride.

I smiled and laughed the entire way.

Remembering what it was like as a kid to not take life so seriously, to do the things that made me smile, to let go, to enjoy the wind in my hair.

And just like that my smile was back in my heart.

We get to decide how long we spend feeling sad, depressed, anxious, lonely, bored etc...

My Dad instilled in me as I was growing up to FEEL emotion, to get dirty and roll around with it... for what we resist persists right!?

EVERYTHING we do in our lives is our CHOICE.

Sometimes we just need a little reminder of that.

Wish me well on my uphill ride home 😝

Big love amazing humans

Allie xx

Blowing My Own Beautiful Mind

Blowing My Own Beautiful Mind

I couldn’t breathe.

I’m not sure how long time stood still.

As I pulled my car over to the side of the road I remember feeling like the wind had been knocked out of me.