Blow your own beautiful mind...


Alicia Aberley is a noted Women’s Empowerment and Mindset Coach with a strong passion towards guiding women through the art of putting themselves first so that they can design a life they love.

She is an accredited NLP Practitioner and Time Line Therapist, Author, Speaker and Reiki Master, who is passionate about helping women awaken to their own magnificence through mindset processes, body awareness and soul work.

Featured in a number of publications including ABC, FOX, The Miami Herald, NBC and CBS, Alicia is creating a positive impact around the world by inspiring her clients to design their life on their own terms.  


Alicia holds a degree in Journalism and her first e-book titled ‘Blow Your Own Beautiful Mind’ was released in December, 2016. 

She has worked as a freelance photographer working with the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Butler Trio, Danny Green and Layne Beachley, Mark Bouris, and the list goes on.

Looking at others through the lens encouraged her to take a look at her own life and this is where she decided to take the leap to the other side of the camera.

Guided by her strong passion towards helping women make a positive difference in this world, Alicia has followed her passion to inspire women to connect with their true self, to step in to their own brilliance and to leave a legacy in this world.


Alicia’s desire and passion to impact millions of women around the globe comes from her own unique experiences in life.  Awkward in her school years, Alicia felt like she never really fit in.  Moving from her teens to her later years, she struggled to understand who she really was.  She chose relationships that didn’t serve her, she worked jobs that didn’t light her up, she dimmed her own light, experienced anxiety, and chose to shut out the parts of her that she didn’t quite understand. 

However, one of the things that kept her going in life was her desire to learn.  Immersing herself in self-development courses, public speaking courses, mindset work, life coaching, network marketing, reading, event management and public speaking, Alicia began to tap into her own sense of self worth.  She began to step into her own greatness.  And now she chooses to teach other women the same.


When you ask what her greatest achievement to date is she will tell you it is being a mother to her son.

As an individual, Alicia has been influenced heavily by a number of role models including the legendary Oprah Winfrey. Dedicated to facilitating personal growth and self-awareness, she has helped many women release their limiting beliefs, build confidence, and start living their life from a place of alignment.