28 days of personalised 1:1 coaching for heart-centred women to rediscover who they are and to step in to their higher purpose


You smile a lot and you are focused on making a difference in this world.

You have a good life and you strive to have all that you desire.

You are great at what you do, but you aren’t lit up the way that you used to be.

Your business needs an overhaul, your relationship needs a dose of love (or you feel like you need one in general) and some days you just wonder if it’s all worth it.

Time for you ends up being a bottle of wine and not much else.

Forget long baths, reading books from cover to cover and taking off on a weekend retreat.


Over this next 4 weeks together you will achieve more than what most people do in 4 years of therapy

Because we are going to peel back the layers and dive-deep in to what it is that has been holding you back - using a mix of Timeline Therapy and tangible processes.

This is your chance to begin living from your highest purpose – and walk the path with someone who has already walked it before you.

TLT is a fast and effective means for changing unwanted behavioural patterns and internal states.  It is also able to eliminate past negative emotions and limiting decisions so that you can move forward with positive emotions and empowering decisions.

There’s no words to do justice to the feelings of happiness and clarity that you will experience during this time working together.

  • confidence to speak up about what you want in your life and in your relationships
  • to break free of negative thought patterns and beliefs
  • an understanding of what you have been tolerating and how to change this
  • the essentials of having you time and putting your own needs first
  • learn to control the negative self-talk and noisy chatter that goes on in your mind
  • experience freedom from emotions and past experiences that are no longer serving you
  • give yourself permission to be ALL of you
  • begin to fall madly and deeply in love with the incredible woman that you are
  • develop your confidence
  • plus so much more

As an NLP Practitioner, Timeline Therapist and International Women’s Empowerment Coach, I’m passionate about helping women just like you create massive breakthroughs and lasting positive change.

Over this past 18 months I have:

  • given up working for a boss
  • created my own successful international coaching business
  • created and host the Podcast - Behind Closed Doors
  • spent tens of thousands of dollars on my own personal development
  • attended two Bali Masterminds
  • been invited to speak at multiple events
  • featured in a number of publications
  • written my first e-book
  • and found an unwavering belief in myself through mind, body and soul practices

I often get asked why I do what I do and why I chose to be an International Women’s Empowerment Coach. 

It’s because I spent almost all of my life feeling like I wasn’t good enough and that I didn’t fit in.  I chose relationships that didn’t serve me, numbed my pain with external vices, made decisions that hurt myself and others, and had a feeling of sadness that always seemed to sit under the surface of everything that I did.  Regardless of how happy I seemed on the outside something just didn’t feel right.  And it took me a long time to understand what this was. 

Once I did the work, tapped in to my heart space and learnt the tools I needed, I found an incredible freedom and peace within.  AND an unwavering, deep love and connection with who I am.

My passion is to share what I’ve learnt with other amazing women so that they too know what it’s like to live a life free of emotional baggage, criticism, shame and guilt.

I know what it’s like to wake up anxious, unhappy and overwhelmed and I also know what it’s like to wake each day with peace in my heart, a quiet mind and a truck load of self-love.  I know which one I prefer and I’m now devoted to empowering other women to experience the same.


Wendy Miller

Alicia is a light house. She is solid to her core. Impeccable with her word. Shines the light on the situation from all angles. Shines light on ALL situations - even the ones you cannot see. Alicia is a healer - intuitive, loving, safe & genuinely caring. She is also a bad ass empowerment goddess and will raise her strength for you when you most need to hear it. Work with Alicia and you WILL transform. It's inevitable because she truly is the teacher holding space for when you, the student are ready to blow your own beautiful mind and step into all that you ever desire and deserve for your life.

Rebecca Pascall

Sometimes we need someone else to show us things about ourselves we aren't aware of that limit our ability to live the life we want. Thank you Alicia for guiding me through this space, for helping me develop my awareness and pouring belief into me that I can have, be and do the things I want in my life. You are a powerhouse and a beautiful soul.

Ruby Banga

Meeting Alicia and working with her has been a great blessing to me! I would highly recommend her 28-day program as it is truly transformational! Alicia has been remarkably supportive, gentle and compassionate yet very skillful in helping me focus on what is really important to me, as well as the next steps to work towards my goals. She has provided me with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to create an amazing life. Each session was eye-opening, with lots of practical and creative ideas – we went deep into the process, especially with clearing limiting beliefs – you don’t realize how many limiting beliefs you actually have until you start to do the work. It’s amazing to look back at the entire process and see and feel the transformation. Thank you Alicia! You are a treasure and a rich blessing.


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(Please note that I only work with five 1:1 clients each month and the discovery call is designed to ensure we are a fit to work together)